Conner’s Story

On May 19th, 2006 our lives were forever changed. My husband Kris, had a motor vehicle accident that claimed his life and our 6 year old son Adam’s life. Our other son, Conner who was 20 months old at the time, suffered a spinal cord injury at C1, 2 & 3. In a split second I lost everything that was most precious to me! The doctors in the beginning pushed me to remove Conner from life support and let him go. They told me he would have no quality of life and that I really needed to think about his future. I told them I didn’t believe that God saved Conner from the wreck to have no quality of life. Over the last several years, Conner has made big strides in his recovery! We know it is only by the Grace of God that he continues to make progress. The power of prayer is amazing!

We have learned over the years that having a major medical issue like this is very costly and insurance doesn’t cover everything. We have been so blessed by our community with fundraisers, that we wanted to start paying it forward. After much prayer, we decided to start Adam’s Cape. Adam’s Cape is a non-profit organization that is designed to help children and families with major medical needs. We are praying for God’s blessing on Adam’s Cape and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

If you would like to follow Conner’s story you can go to Conner | CaringBridge