Success Stories

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Our non-profit got to help this awesome family! We purchased this chair sitter, which can also be used in a shopping cart. This will allow mom to take him to the grocery store without having to take his wheelchair in to the store. It isn’t easy to grocery shop pushing a wheelchair and a basket! This little boy is absolutely precious! It was such an honor to be able to help them! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Adam’s Cape and to be able to continue to help other children with medical needs! Every time you give to Adam’s Cape, you are investing in a child’s life tremendously! Thank you for all your support and donations you give! We couldn’t do it without the support of our amazing communities!


Adam’s Cape had the opportunity to buy our favorite Superman a new battery pack for his ventilator. We are also helping to fund travel expenses and lodging as he heads to Kennedy Krieger in Baltimore this May for a complete health check-up and some of the greatest spinal cord injury therapy in the nation.
Thanks so much to all that helped support the baseball tournament last weekend!!


Brent was born on 3/8/16. His delivery was quick and fairly easy as far as labor goes but within two hours we noticed a problem. Brent would not eat or wake up and his skin was blue. His oxygen levels were off, his blood sugar was 30, and his heart rate was erratic, it got as low as 38. Brent was put on monitors, oxygen, antibiotics, and an IV. We could not feed him or have him in our room. A spinal tap was administered and the fluid came back cloudy. We were told to prepare ourselves because this is a sign of bacterial meningitis and that is likely what we were facing, and if not that, it had to be a heart defect. We began asking for prayers and were then transferred to Cooks Children’s Hospital in Ft Worth, TX. They performed an EKG and echocardiogram while we waited for the results from his cultures and the final word on the spinal tap. From the point that we asked for prayers on, every test came back normal. Eventually, the staff at Cooks explained that although they know he needed to be there and be observed after his early issues, they could find nothing wrong with him. No meningitis, no heart defect, nothing! Praise God!

This week was one of the scariest of our lives. We did not know if our newborn would live or what he may be facing if he did. What we know is that God was with us, and he showed us in his presence in many ways including the support from our churches. We felt love and prayers both from our Amarillo church home, God of Wonders, and our new church home in Ardmore, FusionFBC. We had visits, phone calls, and texts to remind us we were in everyone’s prayers- which are exactly what we needed! However, our churches also thought of the financial burden the hospital visit caused. Being away from home and being out of work for the time in the hospital and the following weeks my husband stayed home with us was definitely a stress that we honestly just couldn’t think about in the face of our baby’s health issues. God knew. Adam’s Cape generously provided a hotel for the time in the hospital so that Jason did not have to sleep on the floor of the NICU. We were even able to take our older children swimming for a bit when they were able to come see us and visit their little brother. Adam’s Cape also provided money for meals and necessities since we were away from home. In addition, our Sunday School class (Young Adult 2) and our church in Amarillo took love offerings for us. These generous gifts covered ALL of the time we had to take off. The financial stress of this situation was completely lifted. Our Sunday School class also provided meals for us, which allowed us to recover and relax once we were able to be home. We want to say thank-you to everyone who supported us throughout this time. It meant more to us than you will know. I will leave you with what I am now calling Brent’s verse. God put it on our hearts this whole time, even when the outlook was pretty dim:
‘Wait for the Lord. Be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. Psalms 27:14’
May you all be blessed, Jason & Michelle”

Logan Grace

Logan Grace was born with a malignant sacroccocygal teratoma. It was removed, the teratoma weighed 3.9 lbs. she went through chemotherapy and has endured several surgeries. She has no movement in her feet, a colostomy, and is cathed 4 times a day to empty her bladder. Through the grace of God, she is walking with her walker and starting to talk! She has recently had another surgery and is still recovering in the hospital. You can imagine the time off her parents has had to take from work and the expense of hospital visits and equipment they need. Adam’s Cape recently had the honor of helping them out a bit with her latest hospital stay. You can follow her on the Blessings for Logan Grace page. Praying for you, sweet girl!!


Adam’s Cape had the privilege of donating some money to sweet Margaret and her family. In 2009 she was injured in a car wreck. She broke her neck and suffered head trauma.
She is in the hospital now and will be very several weeks battling pressure sores. They are doing surgeries on her wounds twice a week. Be praying for Margaret!

Jacobi Adam's Cape Success Stories


Jacobi is a precious 6 year old diagnosed with cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, epilepsy, and is blind. He had a stroke at birth and has required 15 surgeries for shunt placement in his brain. He has grown out of his car seat and needed a new specialized one for older children with low muscle tone. His guardian was also having to carry him around since she didn’t have a wheelchair or stroller equipped for his needs. Sonya was able to give this sweet family one of Conner’s old wheelchairs that he has outgrown and Adam’s Cape was able to give her the money to help buy this sweet little guy a new car seat so he will be safe to travel in the car again.


Adam’s Cape had the honor of helping to support another family this week: Gunnar was born in 2010. After he was born, the doctor discovered he had a life-threatening birth defect called an anorectal malformation. Without immediate treatment, he was at risk for sepsis, or worse.
After a battery of tests and procedures, he spent a couple of agonizing weeks in the NICU at a local hospital. At about three months of age, he had a surgery to repair his birth defect. However successful that surgery was, the repair did not make everything work correctly. Medications, painful daily procedures, dietary restrictions and many sleepless nights followed.
As he grew, it became obvious other problems existed. He was significantly delayed in motor skills and speech, meaning he didn’t learn to walk until he was 2. And by 3 years old, he was saying little more than “hi” and happy-sounding grunts, if he chose to vocalize at all. Early intervention helped tremendously with these obstacles, and Gunnar is a bright and energetic kindergartner today. Lingering complications from his birth defect mean he cannot do a lot of the things other boys his age can do, like swimming, playing sports and spending the night away from his family. Sadly, he also has begun being bullied by kids who don’t understand his situation.
We are trying to get him in a treatment program offered at Children’s Hospital Colorado. The program was developed by a pediatric surgeon in Ohio and can help kids like Gunnar better participate in all the wonderful things life has to offer.
Unfortunately, Denver is the closest hospital to offer this program and we live in Oklahoma so the travel costs, added to the medical bills will be significant. His quality of life and independence is worth every penny!


We were blessed with another opportunity to help a local family. This sweet 5-year-old has been battling cancer for 4 years now. They have to travel for her treatments and soon they will be headed to the #1 hospital for her type of cancer out of state for another opinion on her best treatment options. As you can imagine, this travel and treatment cost can get very expensive for a family and add to their stress. Be in prayer for Bella and her family- PRAY FOR A CURE!! Please continue to support Adam’s Cape so we can continue to give a little relief to these precious families.


Adam’s Cape was blessed to help another local family. This strong little girl has been battling cancer and chemotherapy.
Be in prayer for Bella and her family and pray for a cure. Please continue to support Adam’s Cape so we can continue to give a little relief to these precious families.


Keith has been battling Pulmonary Issues which caused for him to be in the ICU for multiple weeks. We had the honor of helping out this wonderful child.


Adam’s Cape was able to help Emerson’s family with the purchase of a blood glucose monitor. This monitor reduces the amount of sticks she has to endure to check her sugar levels. This sweet baby was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.


Cameron at the age of 12 months was diagnosed with hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain) and Chiari Malformation (brain falling into spinal column). Adam’s Cape was able to help the family financially get to a specialty clinic in Washington DC that specializes in both of these issues.

Conner and Logan

Conner and Logan suffered a brain injury as a result of an infection in utero. It resulted in cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities. Their parents found a facility in Denver that specializes in therapy for their specific needs. Adam’s Cape was honored to help them with expenses to be able to get both boys to this facility.


Kolton’s kidney started shutting down and causing him to become sepsis. This required a long hospital stay and financial burden on the family. Adam’s Cape was able to help with the out of pocket expenses the family faced while being two hours from home and not able to work.


Jasper was involved in a drowning accident leaving him with a traumatic brain injury. Jasper has a long road of intense therapy to help him overcome this accident. Adam’s Cape was able to help with some of the cost while in therapy.


Barrett was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease. This has caused inflammation in his blood vessels and he also developed an aneurysm. He has spent many nights inpatient at a Children’s Hospital 2 hours from home. Adam’s Cape was able to help with financial assistance during one of the hospital admissions.


Kingsley appendix ruptured causing him to become very sick. Adam’s Cape was able to help with financial assistance while he spent several days in the hospital.


Jemma was diagnosed with a heart murmur at 4 months old. She had to undergo a surgery to fix a patent ductus arteriosus. Adam’s Cape was able to help with medical cost.


Caleb was involved in a motor vehicle accident that caused a brain injury. He has undergone extensive therapy in Denver, Colorado. He has made leaps and bounds in his therapy. Adam’s Cape was able to help with medical cost.


Baby Lincoln was born at 29 weeks. He spent several months in the hospital. This caused a financial strain on the family as they had to travel back and forth two hours from home to the hospital. Adam’s Cape was able to help with financial assistant to provide hotels and other out of pocket expenses.


Jayven has cerebral palsy. Adam’s Cape was able to purchase a harness that strapped onto his parents and allowed him to be able to walk.


Jake ended up with a bacterial infection called pseudomonas in his lungs. He spent countless days in Children’s Hospital battling this infection. Adam’s Cape was able to help financially with medical cost during this time.